Democracy is so much more than a cross on a voting paper. Experience how you can train and strengthen your democracy muscles in your everyday. Are you up for it?

Train your Democracy Muscles

Democracy cannot be repaired only by voting once every four years or by paying our taxes. We need to take our democracy back in the everyday life and to translate democracy into values, actions and an active way of living on a daily basis. Never has there been a time, in which we need to activate the democratic potentials, more than now.

Many people experience that democracy requires specific competences, a unique network or abilities that we are not necessarily aware of. Democracy Fitness shows at democracy is something we all can master in everyday life and train through a series of exercises.

Democracy Fitness is easy, active, motivational training program which consists of selected training sessions. Each session takes 30 minutes and focuses on a specific “democracy muscle”.

The muscles you can train:

  • Empathy: In a democracy, people are diverse. You need to be able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

  • Active listening: in a democracy, we are looking for solutions together. Listen, wonder and ask questions.

  • Opinion: in a democracy, you can follow many paths. You must know what you stand for an why.

  • Verbal self-confidence: in a democracy, opinions should meet challenges. You must dare to participate in a debate.

  • Disagreement: in a democracy, we often disagree. Engage in disagreement without feeling angry or hurt.

  • Compromise - In a democracy, we never fully agree. Choose your battles.

  • Mobilisation - In a democracy, you need to engage others. You must be able to speak from your heart to other peoples heart.

  • Activist - In a democracy, if you want to achieve something, get on with it!

Democracy Fitness Trainer Camp 

In a democracy fitness trainer camp, you are trained to become a “democracy trainer and builder” and learn how the exercises are executed. Here you’ll learn how to teach others to activate their democracy muscles. You’ll learn to identify the relevant muscles, which especially need to be trained in your context, city or country, and you’ll have the opportunity to design a muscle training session yourself.  

You’ll also learn about living democracy change management processes and learning theory, facilitation training and to design a high-impact, energising training session. 

 Demokrati Fitness and Democracy Fitness Trainer Camp are developed in a collaboration between Demokratiscenen (Democracy Stage), We Do Democracy and Byens Hus Roskilde