All that you do for me, without me, you do it against me
— Ghandi


At WE DO DEMOCRACY we always work with democracy based on participation. We advise on democracy understood as way of living- with focus on culture dialogue, conversations, communities, competences, behaviour and processes. And we consult i democracy as governance form – with focus on the organisational level, new structures, solutions, business models and frameworks.

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Democracy innovation

Democracy is facing massive challenges, but it also has big potentials for renewal. We Do Democracy collaborates with pioneering international organisations and consultants to map and implement the many new democratic formats, which are flourishing both in Denmark and out in the world. We develop and test for example deliberative, delegative, liquid and direct democracy. WE DO DEMOCRACY is the first european consulting firm, which has undertaken a strategic partner with MASS LBP, to drive Citizens Assembly in Danmark.

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Democracy is a design. thereFORE it can be re-designed!

Democracy is a design, which has always Demokrati er et design, which has always adapted to new challenges over time, but maybe we have , men som vi måske har not considered re-designing it for quite too much time. We are beginning to see serious consequences both at local and global level.
This calls for innovation, we need to evaluate, develop and revitalise new meaningful communities and collective processes.

WE DO DEMOCRACY wants to strengthen democracy, revitalise its methods, processes and toolbox in order to increase citizens participation, the quality and relevance of policy-making and democratic leadership.

How do we support democracy?

At WE DO DEMOCRACY we work with democracy development and participation with starting point in a series of methods and toolboxes.

democracy Innovation

Participatory processes

Citizens assembly