WE DO DEMOCRACY / Pop-up Office in Rentemestervej 53, 2400 København NV

WE DO DEMOCRACY / Pop-up Office in Rentemestervej 53, 2400 København NV


WE DO DEMOCRACY is a consulting firm in the area of democracy development, design of participatory processes and change management. We use participation to reinvent systemic processes and democratic institutions that need to be revitalised. Our vision is to support a society, where more people participate more and with bigger impact. We work with both every-day-democracy, through culture, dialogue, communities competences, behaviours and processes and democracy as governance form, with focus on organisational structures, business and governance models.

WE DO DEMOCRACY is driven by Zakia Elvang and Johan Galster. Together we have over 30 years experience as consultants in management and urban strategy. We Do Democracy works in tight collaboration with Peter MacLeod (MASS LBP i Toronto). This way we can always take inspiration from the best international experience with Citizens’ Assembly and large-scale facilitation.

WE Hope you experience us as…

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Optimististic 

  • Mobilising

  • Professional

Zakia Elvang

Partner and Democracy advisor


+45 5362 0313

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin og Twitter: Zakia Elvang

Zakia is partner and strategy consultant at WE DO DEMOCRACY in areas as reforms and large-scale transformations, democracy development, learning processes, participation and new political culture. She is specialised in  development and implementation of business models and welfare models at both organisational and societal level. Zakia advises many international  clients and actors in focus areas such as Democracy Festivals, Participatory and Deliberative Democracy and Citizen Development. Zakia has en education in Management Sciences at Roskilde University. She has 20 year professional experience in the consulting business from, among others Huset Mandag Morgen, Suså Municipality, Frederiksborg Amt/Momentum and she has previously been partner in IMPLEMENT Consulting Group, founder and director in the consulting firm Spark. Zakia is a board member in Danmark Radio, the Democracy Festivals Association, in the Danish association Demokratiscenen (Democracy Stage), in the Open Society Foundation DOTS (Latvia), CEVEA and Filmværkstedet (Film Workshop) in  Copenhagen. 


  • Expert in facilitation and training for large organisational and societal transformation processes 

  • Democracy development, participatory design, stakeholder management and involvement, and new political culture

  • Development and implementation of sustainable business models

  • Design and implementation of strategy-based learning processes 


Johan Galster

partner and democracy designer

+45 5180 8044

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter: Johan Galster

Johan is partner and strategy consultant in WE DO DEMOCRACY, with over 15 year experience in citizens participation, development processes and experience design with specific focus on place-making and spatial transformation. Johan has deep knowledge of architecture, urban development and place-making for both public and private clients, which wish to work strategically with physical premises, activation of spaces and of users’ potentials in co-creation of spaces.

Johan is educated in aesthetics and culture from Aarhus University, has previously been a partner in 2+1 Idébureau, communication officer at -among others- Danish Architecture Center and SHL Architects. Johan has completed citizens engagement processes preliminary to the area development of “Ny Nørreport” (Copenhagen Municipality), Nordre Frihavnsgade (Copenhagen Municipality), Grønttorvet, Bispebjerg Hospital, Novozymes, Parkmuseerne and Rebildporten.


  • Democracy design, citizens participation, co-creation in the physical environment and place-making

  • Cultural understanding, dialogue processes, process and change management

  • Strategic communication, identity development, experience design.

  • Facilitation of organisational development, management transformation and workshop



Sara is project manager at WE DO DEMOCRACY, in areas as urban and community development. She is community manager of the Democracy Festivals Association and of Garage Park NV – a group of residents in an area of Copenhagen under development, which consists of associations, socio-economic start-ups and private residents.

Sara has an education in Economics, specialiSed in Behavioral Economics and Urban Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Sara’s academic focus has been especially on researching the interaction between people, behavioUr and public space which supports communities of residents. She has been program developer and communication responsible at, among others, Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2018 and has completed an urban design concept that combines technology, space and behaviour design in the architecture competition Prix Bloxhub Interactive in collaboration with an architect.


  • Research in social innovation and participatory urban governance

  • Behavioural studies and design

  • Cultural analysis with focus on urban development and place-making

  • Product- and concept-development

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MASS LBP (Toronto)

Canadian consulting firm, specialised in Citizens Assembly, democracy innovation and citizens-driven borgerdrevne policy-making processes.


The platform for collaboration among 10 democracy festivals in the nordic and baltic countries, together with the belgian, dutch and german democracy festivals, which celebrate civic participation.


Analytics and research consultancy, is our partner in Citizens Assembly. They handle the data behind sending invitations to citizens and create the civic lottery setup to ensure a representative sample of participants.



Has supported the Democracy Festivals with the aim to inspire new countries to start and develop their own democracy festival.



Supports unconventional and cross-national ideas, solutions to Europe’s current and future challenges.

Demokratiscenen (democracy stage)

Gathers danish democracy-activists and advocates across organisations, sectors, professions and roles.



Has as end goal the one to contribute to citizens’ understanding of EU, its history and diversity and encourage citizens democratic participation in EU-plans.


Has as objective to improve the quality of democracy in Latvia, by supporting new formats of civic engagement, among other, Latvian first democracy festival.