initiatives & cases


DemOCRACY festivalS

How do we further develop the democratic conversations in the festivals in the Nordic and Baltic region? How do we bring the format of democracy festivals out to the rest of the world in the middle of a global democracy crisis?


The democracy format that changed the legislation regarding abortion and that Toronto uses in all the big public decision-making processes. Is a Citizens Assembly going to activate and validate the basis for your next decision-making process?


A new center for democracy development in Denmark? How do we strengthen democracy and develop new democratic formats? How do we create new opportunities for people to meet across different points of view in their local communities?


VELINGBOLIG PLUS (Friendly housing plus)

How do we make cheap apartments, which invite residents to become active members in the community, to participate when cities grow and the pressure on apartments prices rises?



Democracy is so much more than a cross on a voting paper. Experience how you can train and strengthen your democracy muscles in your everyday. Are you up for it?


 Projects we help our clients with:

Citizens Assembly in Copenhagen’s Medieval City

The citizens are called to deliberate- How else are the streets in the center Copenhagen going to be used, if car traffic was significantly reduced in the medieval city center?


The sustainable transition begins with our behaviour. How do we get everybody on board, how do we design a process, where the entire island is on to the new green transition?


The green energy of the future depends on our behaviour. How do we get citizens on board for a sustainable transition, which requires new habits and increased awareness about our consumption behaviours?