venligbolig plus
(friendly housing plus) 


How do we make cheap apartments, which invite residents to become active members in the community, to participate when cities grow and the pressure on apartments prices rises?  

Cities are growing and the pressure to create smaller, smarter and better housing types increases. How do we create cheaper housing, inviting for communities, participation and democratic development?  

Especially students and refugees are squeezed out of the city center and the every-day urban community. Mico-Living, like Venligbolig Plus shows, is a new necessary housing form if cities in the future need to make room for urban communities, where the elderly, single, vulnerable people, students, low-income people.  

Venligbolig started out as an activist idea, which made it possible for Danes to invite refugees in the everyday life of the city. Now Venligbolig is being built in Fredriksberg, a danish municipality close to Copenhagen. It consists of compact housing, where students and refugees can live for 2500 kroner in the middle of the city and be part of a community. The aim of the project is to support integration, friendship and democratic development. Danish students are buddies to refugees and help them in the day-to-day.  

In 2019 74 young students and refugees are moving in the newly established Venligbolig Plus. This happens in collaboration with the Municipality of Frederiksberg and Frederiksberg United Housing Companies (Forenede Boligselskaber).  

The integration concept started out as coupled with the concrete VenligBolig Plus design, but can also be used as a software concept in other existing and new housing projects – targeting citizens across different ages, social, cultural and economic backgrounds. 

Venligbolig Plus in Fredriksberg consists of three blocks, which house in total 37 apartments (33 m2 each). Here two people live together in a shared apartment where every resident has their own private room and kitchen and toilet are shared with the other person in the apartment. Connected to the apartments in the three different blocks is a communal room and laundry room and a communal rooftop on the upper floor. 

ONV Arkitekter

ONV Arkitekter

Venligbolig is an idea and concept developed by We Do Democracy - in collaboration with ONV Architects.

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