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How do we create a new powerhouse for democracy development in Denmark? How do we strengthen democracy through the development of new democratic formats, create new opportunities for people to meet across different points of view, how do we invite people to be active members of their local communities?


GARAGE is Denmark’s power center and meeting place for democracy, participation and citizens-driven urban development. Here gathers the city, the citizens and actors involved in the democratic agenda and participation-driven communities. With networking, professional development, cultural life, entrepreneurship, workshops, food, urban activities and new democracy formats as point of departure.

The ambition is to create a living and modern democracy-workshop to the benefit of the city at large and of the local community, in a previously industrial building of 850 m2. With GARAGE, Copenhagen can gather democracy actors and acquire a position as the European capital for driven by participation.

GARAGE is a catalyzer for urban development and communities in the heart of Nord Vest. Under the same roof, GARAGE will give life to a creative environment for culture and entrepreneurship, gather local actors across sectors and perspectives to design, develop and test new meaningful solutions to how we can strengthen citizens participation in the future.

GARAGE as a meeting place has as objective to:

Reinvent, develop and revitalize the participatory-based democracy

Support Copenhagen as a leading democratic city, with active and meaningful local processes and communities

Establish a workshop and catalyzer for organizations in the field of democracy and urban development

What type of activities does GARAGE house?


Designing, testing and using new formats for the democratic city and local communities


Getting important democracy-development initiatives started and driving them


Mobilizing and training new generations of democracy actors and activists


Activities like for example communal kitchen, communal dining, urban gardening, rapair café, and cultural activities.

We Do Democracy is behind GARAGE initiative! Would you like to know how you can participate or contribute to its establishment? Contact Johan Galster at 51808044 /

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