Johan Galster

Founding Partner and Democracy Advisor


Tel: +45 51808044

Johan is a founding partner of We Do Democracy and an expert advisor on deliberative democracy. Johan is the founder of Demokrati Garage and director of Denmark’s meeting place for innovative democracy

Johan is a leading expert consultant in designing and implementing Citizens’ Assemblies and citizens’ councils that comply with the OECD’s international principles. Johan has over 20 years of experience as a counsellor in inclusion and as a facilitator of change processes across various societal players.

Johan has vast experience in ensuring stratified representation in participatory processes and bridging the gap between established systems and citizens. Johan is an expert in participatory processes, with a focus on urban development, mobility, climate adaptation, renewable energy and green transition. In addition, he is an accomplished writer, speaker and opinion leader.

Johan has in-depth knowledge of complex development projects and politically driven organisations. Johan is an expert advisor in participatory processes characterised by multiple stakeholders and solution approaches that rely on early participation and engagement of citizens in the implementation phase. Johan is a preferred advisor to public organisations, membership organisations and cooperatives.

Johan holds a Master’s degree in Aesthetics & Culture from Aarhus University and has served as Managing Partner at 2+1 Idébureau, Head of Communications at the Danish Architecture Centre and Schmith Hammer Lassen Architects. Johan has been an advisor and conducted involvement processes for, among others, the City of Copenhagen, Realdania, Rudersdal Municipality, KL, KAB, Gentofte Municipality, the Capital Region of Denmark, Radikale Venstre and By & Havn.

Johan serves as Vice Chairman of the board of Østerbro Theatre, Board member of Foreningen Demokrati Garage, Chairman of the board of Pavillonen Charlottenlund and member of Democracy Next’s expert group on democratisation of urban development.

Core competences

  • Design and facilitation of Citizens’ Assemblies and citizens’ councils
  • Process consultant, dialogue advisor and facilitator
  • Stakeholder engagement, innovative democracy and new methods for citizen involvement
  • Urban strategic analysis, urban communities and resident democracy
  • Culture and change management consultant
  • Strategic communication, identity development and experience design.
  • Facilitation of organisational development, change processes and innovation workshops