Citizens’ Assembly on Sustainable Consumption

The Citizens' Assembly on Sustainable Consumption has brought together citizens across Denmark to develop recommendations for a future of sustainable consumption. As the first in Denmark, the Citizens' Assembly will deliver their vision to five political organisations: the Capital Region of Denmark, the Region of Southern Denmark and the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Rudersdal and Vejle.


We need radical change and a fundamentally new vision for the future if we are to shift our consumption in a sustainable direction. The three city councils and two regional councils, which together cover over 3 million Danes, have therefore asked the Citizens’ Assembly to help them come up with recommendations on how to achieve a sustainable future together.


The Citizens’ Assembly was asked a key question by the three municipalities and two regions: “We need your help to envision a future of sustainable consumption in Denmark.” We Do Democracy were advisors and facilitators throughout the process, and were therefore involved both in the initial discussions and in the design and facilitation of the Citizens’ Assembly itself.


We Do Democracy was the lead facilitator and independent secretariat for the Citizens’ Assembly. Working with the five organisations, we established a strong political mandate in each organisation, developed the core question and designed and facilitated the process for the Citizens’ Assembly. That way, we could guarantee the independence of the Citizens’ Assembly.


  • 40,000 citizens aged 16 to 99+ from the Capital Region of Denmark, the Region of Southern Denmark and the municipalities of Frederiksberg, Rudersdal and Vejle were invited. 650 wanted to participate in the process. 66 citizens were recruited based on the selection criteria: age, gender, education level and place of residence. The Citizens’ Assembly was representative of Denmark.
  • At the end of the Citizens’ Assembly, 44 members were active.
  • The Citizens’ Assembly presented its recommendations at two launch events in Copenhagen, Denmark. Vejle and Rudersdal in spring 2023.
  • The Citizens’ Assembly has produced 13 general recommendations and over 70 specific recommendations. Read them here
  • The Citizens’ Assembly has created a visionary audio journey based on its recommendations and you can listen to it here
  • A process of starting pilot projects and discussions on the implementation of the recommendations is now underway in the five organisations.

Read more about the Citizens’ Assembly on the digital platform here

Read the full recommendations

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Zakia Elvang

Zakia Elvang

Partner and democracy advisor