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We work hard to develop our democracy. What does it mean and who are we? Get to know us better on this page.


About We Do Democracy

We Do Democracy are independent expert advisors on democracy and civic engagement. We are leaders in innovative democracy, deliberative participation processes and facilitation of Citizens’ Assemblies and citizens’ councils. We advise on methods and processes to create a better democratic future for more people. We Do Democracy brings the deliberative agenda to Denmark, actively participates in an international network of democracy experts, and is always looking for partners to develop and implement innovative democracy formats that can develop new democratic solutions for the future. We are driven by providing professional advice on complex issues in close collaboration with our clients and business partners.

Our team consists of dedicated and professional consultants who are committed to helping and building the capacity of the organisations we work with. We consist of a close-knit team of participants, who are all expert advisors in deliberative processes, each with expertise in a range of fields such as diversity, climate, gender equality, urban development, diversity, minorities, activism and participatory change.

We partner with democratic institutions, public and private organisations, activists and people who want to develop and shape our democracy and society. We always follow and comply with the deliberative standards identified by the OECD. We were founded by Zakia Elvang and Johan Galster in 2017

We live at Demokrati Garage, Rentemestervej 57, 2400 Copenhagen NV. You are always welcome.

The team

We Do Democracy attracts and engages some of the country’s leading talent and expert advisors in innovative democracy. Meet them below:

Zakia Elvang
Managing Partner and Advisor

Read more about Zakia

Johan Galster
Founding Partner and Democracy Advisor

Read more about Johan

Ziga Friberg
Managing Director

Read more about Ziga

Jeppe Lillegaard Nielsson
Senior Consultant
Read more about Jeppe
Simone Klint
Senior Consultant

Read more about Simone

Kolja Dahlin
Consultant and project manager

Read more about Kolja

Sofie Puntervold Kristensen
Consultant and project manager

Read more about Sofie

Sofie Kirkegaard Jansen
Project Manager

Read more about Sofie

Linea Sveistrup
PA and project manager
Read more about Linea
Klara Sørensen
Consultant & Project Manager

Read more about Klara

Dalia Kababo
Junior Consultant

Read more about Dalia

Ingvild Kistrup

Read more about Ingvild

Naja Karoline Heuch

Read more about Naja

Want to join?

If you are interested in a job at We Do Democracy, keep an eye on this page.

You are also welcome to send an unsolicited application to kolja@wedodemocracy.dk .

Current job postings:



Demokrati Garage

We are housed in the Democracy Garage, which is driven by an ambition to unite the democracy sector in Denmark. We Do Democracy helped initiate the establishment of the Demokrati Garage, which today is run on the content side by an independent organisation, as a dynamic house of democracy and a gathering place for civic engagement This is a modern DIY workshop for democracy, driven by the desire to expand and improve our democracy. In addition to sharing the same address, we organise many citizen-engaging events and initiatives together with the other players at the Democracy Garage, which includes democracy players such as Saga, Andelsgårde, Demokratisk Hub at Fælleskassen, Kooperativet, Akademiet for Social Innovation, Plads, among many others.

There are many opportunities to collaborate with Demokrati Garage. Many of Demokrati Garage’s events and initiatives are developed with and by volunteers, local players and organisations. Demokrati Garage hosts everything from film screenings, Friday bar, to large-scale election parties, harvest festivals, flea markets and much more. If you wish to learn more about Demokrati Garage or book a room, more information can be found on the website or follow Demokrati Garage on Instagram