The inhabitants of bornholm show the green transition in practice


EcoGrid is among the world’s biggest large-scale projects in the area of green transition, where 800 families from Bornholm actively tested new possibilities to manage their electricity consumption over three warm seasons. EcoGrid researched and tested new ways to make users and consumers of green energy, the active key players of the transition.

We cannot solve the green transition only through technical solutions. We must have all the partners on board in the future. An entire energy sector, both in Denmark and abroad, is presented with a better, deeper and more qualitative insight into its consumers. It requires curiosity, invitation to participation and that every party adopts new daily habits.

In the future a big fraction of consumption will come from renewable energi and therefore it is needed that consumers will self regulate their consumption, when for example the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow, thereby producing less energy. EcoGrid is an international demonstration project supported by the EUPD.

Since 2011 Bornholm has been the focal point for the demonstration project, which tested new ways to involve users in green actions. We Do Democracy has been curating the communication of the project results to both the energy sector and the citizens - both in Denmark and internationally.


Client: EUPD and Dansk Energi

Large scale facilitation / consumer behaviour / participation design / communication / publications / website