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The democracy format that changed, among others, the legislation regarding abortion and that Toronto uses in all the big public decision-making processes. Is a Citizens Assembly going to activate and validate the basis for your next decision-making process?

The Citizens Assembly builds upon a participation-based democratic understanding, which invites citizens and users to qualify complex issues and decisions. The method has been tested, among others, in Helsinki, Dublin and Toronto.

WE DO DEMOCRACY is the European partner of MASS LBP in Toronto, which is the first consulting house to have driven Citizens Assembly. The method is research based and builds upon a facilitated development process, where a representative group of citizens gets invited to contribute in shedding light on a concrete challenge through a guided development. The approach gives decision-makers higher legitimacy and more solid basis for decision and citizens a better understanding of the issue’s challenges and potentials. The Citizens Assembly builds capacity in both participants and decision-makers and the method actively contributes a greater understanding between citizens and system.

The Citizens Assembly builds upon a representative selection process – with use of a preliminary civic lottery – according to and across: gender, age, residency, income, religion, lifestyle and interests to achieve a broad and qualitative knowledge-base to the benefit of the typically elected decision-makers.

In short, citizens assembly is a way to get citizens’ input when they have obtained knowledge, have elaborated and not least have shared and evaluated their perspectives with other citizens.

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