The citizens are called to deliberate- How else are the streets in the center Copenhagen going to be used, if car traffic was significantly reduced in the medieval city center?

Getting citizens on board for a more liveable city

The City of Copenhagen has an ambition to create a liveable “Living City”, where the “everyday life” is prioritised, the city’s peculiar bicycle culture is strengthened and more of the urban spaces is given back to the citizens and nature. Reducing traffic and parking in the city center is seen as the means to support such vision.

The task is challenging: the medieval center of Copenhagen is an especially complex area, hosting many city functions and business despite the tiny and narrow streets.

The City’s deliberative method: Citizen’s Assembly

The Municipality of Copenhagen has chosen a scenario-based Citizens Assembly as qualitative method for deliberating on the complex issue- the first city process in its kind. The Citizen’s Assembly is a panel consisting of 36 Copenhagen-ers, who truly represent the city’s population. Statistically and randomly selected - according to and across gender, age, residency, type of housing and access to car - they and are called to deliberate on their fellow citizens’ behalf.

The use of diverse development workshops, scenario analysis and the participation of a representative group of citizens – randomly selected – gives room to deepen the topic in its multiple aspects, reflection, and suggestions that embody a diversity of perspectives.

The Citizens Assembly in Copenhagen is commissioned to WE DO DEMOCRACY by the Municipality of Copenhagen and will be executed in collaboration with MASS LBP, Toronto and Analyse & Tal.